Evocative Surfaces
Museo di Palazzo Grimani, Venice
May 13th – November 26th, 2017

Evocative Surfaces, exhibited at Palazzo Grimani and coinciding with the 57th Venice Biennale, was a site-specific installation of painted PVC sheets and large scale paintings, produced for the spaces of the palazzo. The exhibition was supported by Outset Contemporary Art Fund.


Turbine 4858, Metal structure and oil on PVC, from the Evocative Surfaces series, 2016-2017

Evocative Surfaces was inspired by the Palazzo Grimani and the energy within the building,’ says Barkat, who specifically chose the Palazzo Grimani for her painting project. ‘I want my pieces to do more than just hang in the palazzo, I want to create a real dialogue between old and new, the architecture and my paintings.’


Horizons, Oil on canvas, 2017

Barkat’s paintings are installed throughout the palace’s various stanzas, allowing the space to reverberate with the incredible visual and iconographic richness of the Venetian patrician home, to underscore the importance of painting in the late Cinquecento. Viewed as ‘objects of entertainment’, paintings were an integral part of the overall decorative scheme, meant to evoke the grandeur of the Grimani house, as well as the Venetian Republic and its rulers through an Arcadian iconography.

Vernissage of Evocative Surfaces exhibition, Museo di Palazzo Grimani,
10th May 2017